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T Strike Industries LINK Cobra Fore Grip With Cable Management
  • $29.99
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Strike Industries LINK Cobra Fore Grip with Cable Management




The Strike Industries LINK Cobra Fore Grip with Cable Management is the evolution of the original SI Cobra Tactical Fore Grip which was developed for the shooter to use different grip techniques and allow the user to have a secure and comfortable grip in any situation or position. Designed to offer a barricade stop functionality with ridged face which prevents any sliding during shooting when braced against a table or wall. This version of the Cobra Fore Grip utilizes our patented SI LINK system which allows mounting onto both M-LOK and KeyMod compatible devices. The uniqueness of this handguard accessory does not just stop with the attachment. Also included is the patent pending SI Cable Management System® (CMS) function which enables you to organize and store excess wire from your weapon light or any other cabled accessories. Cables can be routed alongside the handguard, across to the other side, 90-degrees or U-shape. Shooters from all walks of life and different size hands can use the SI Cobra Fore Grip without worrying if the grip is too big or the angle would be too aggressive that it would strain your hand. The Strike Industries LINK Cobra Fore Grip with Cable Management is a lightweight high-strength impact resistant custom blended SI Polymer Extreme material that gives multiple ergonomic grip options for better weapon manipulation control.


NOTE: LINK screws and nuts provided are not manufacturer by Strike Industries. Please make routine checks that the screws and nuts are secure as part of the preventive maintenance of the firearm.

Torque: Do not exceed 20 in/lbs (2.26 nM) for the LINK screws


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