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T KWA x PTS RM4 ERG Scout - BK
Model: PT617680307
  • $375.67

KWA x PTS RM4 ERG Scout - BK

  • Description:
  • PTS RM4 ERG Series
    The PTS RM4 series of guns are variations based on the M4/AR-15 platform. The ERG (Electric Recoil
    Gun) RM4 system represents the continued evolution of the AEG (Automatic Electric Gun). Core features
    include a mechanical / electrical cut-off with the last round fired, functional bolt release, and simulated
    recoil via the proprietary Kinetic Feedback System. The included ERG PMAG is specifically designed to
    work with the auto cut-off system. The ERG is also compatible with standard AEG magazines (though the
    auto cut-off feature will not be active with these). With its new feature set, the RM4 offers the shooter a
    degree of functional realism not present in previous generations of AEGs.
    The PTS AR15 ERG is a perfect training gun for the shooter who desires simulated felt recoil, more
    realistic firearms manipulation, and the reliability of Electric Airsoft Guns.
    Core Features:

    • Enhanced AEG Gearbox with Kinetic Feedback System
    - Proprietary Recoil System
    - Mechanical / Electrical auto cut-off with last round fired
    - Functional bolt release for firing system reactivation
    • All Metal Billet-style AR-15 receiver
    • PTS RM4 PMAG with adjustable 30 or 60 round capacity
    • Flip-up rear PTS MBUS
    • PTS MOE Handguard
    • PTS MOE Pistol Grip
    • PTS MOE Stock

PTS RM4 ERG-Scout:

P/N PT617680307

The PTS RM4 ERG-Scout is a well-balanced, mid-length training rifle. Featuring a 14.5" barrel (with
14mm CCW barrel threading), it is the ideal rifleman's gun. The standard length barrel keeps the user
competitive in both outdoor and MOUT environments. The mid-length PTS MOE handguard allows
slightly more real estate for longer grip manipulations, yielding better gun pointability. Other PTS
MOE accessories include an MOE stock, MOE rear BUIS, and an MOE pistol grip. An ambidextrous rear
receiver sling plate makes this rifle user-friendly for both left and right-handed shooters.

Caliber 6mm
Magazine Capacity 30/60 rounds
Engine Kinetic Feedback System [KFS]
Power Source 11.1v 15c Li-Po/Li-Fe

Weight: 3.37kg [7.42lbs]
Rate of fire:
Energy Output with 0.20g BB:
• Full metal alloy flat top upper receiver
• Full metal alloy lower receiver
• Adjustable hop-up
• 3GX gearbox
• 2G high performance bucking
• Mechanical / electric cut-off system
• PTS lower receiver
• PTS MOE handguard
• PTS MOE pistol grip
• PTS MOE stock with recoil pad
• PTS MBUS rear sight
• Semi-automatic & automatic select-fire


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