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Pre Order : MARKSMAN K1A GBB Rifle
Model: MM-K1A
  • $1,510.00

MARKSMAN K1A GBB Rifle ( Limited Version )


  • Description:
  • MARKSMAN - K1A GBB Air Gun "Limited Release"

    Brand: MARKSMAN
    Manufactured by: MADE IN TAIWAN
    Power used: Gas power (12kg gas is recommended)
    System structure: GBB pneumatic gun (Gas BlowBack), the bolt simulates overturning when shooting
    Operation mode: Safety┃Single shot┃Fully automatic┃Three-shot point release┃HOP-UP ballistic adjustment system
    Materials used: steel, aluminum alloy, metal, reinforced plastic, rubber
    Product content: Original carton, K1A GBB pneumatic gun ×1, 30-round magazine ×1
    Accessories: Loader x 1, instruction manual x 1, pin x 2 (strap buckle pin spare)
    Length: 610~695mm (the butt is retractable)
    Weight: 2915g (including empty magazine)
    Magazine capacity: 30 rounds
    Inner tube length: 208mm
    Initial velocity: 110m/s
    Colour: Black

    ● Classic reappearance! The standard K1A assault rifle of the Republic of Korea Army.
    ●The appearance is real-size, and the engraving details are faithfully presented.
    ● Adopt "V-System" VFC AR GBB pneumatic system.

    ● The upper and lower gun bodies are CNC turned from aerospace grade 6061-T6 aluminum alloy.
    ● Reinforced plastic grip, stock, and handguard (including simulated aluminum alloy heat sink).
    ● Steel CNC flash cap, outer tube, star ring, butt rod, butt latch.
    ● Steel quasi-constellation, steel back strap ring seat, steel rubber-coated strap ring.
    ● Steel selector button, bolt latch, magazine latch, recoil spring lever, and bolt lever.

    ●Steel CNC gun shell, equipped with VFC M4 V3 adjustable aircraft.
    ● Equipped with VFC V2 knob-down HOP-UP adjustment system, which can be adjusted by removing the handguard (same as M733 and XM177).
    ● Equipped with the latest VFC V3 integrated steel air valve striker system.
    ● Steel trigger fire control group, simulated K1 style steel hammer.
    ● Non-automatic reset three-round firing mechanism, which operates the same as the real gun.
    ● Korean version engraved VFC M4 V3 military version gas magazine (with air-fire function).

    ※When opening the upper body receiver, you need to extend the butt to the second section first.
    ※When closing the receiver latch, please pull the bolt slightly at the same time.
    ※The star ring requires the use of K1 genuine gauge special tools.
  • ETA: 15 Sep


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