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G FMA LPG01BK12-2R Regulator Goggle ( BK )
Model: TB970-BK
  • $11.85

FMA LPG01BK12-2R Regulator Goggle ( BK )

  • Description:
  • Manufacturer: FMA
    Material: the Polycarbonate; Nylon
    Weight: 95 g
    Content: black and white lens one each, a box
    Two colors: DE/BK
    TB970 - BK FMA LPG01BK12-2 r Regulator Goggle BK
    TB970 - DE FMA LPG01BK12-2 r Regulator Goggle DE
    This goggle was designed with two primary tasks in mind; integrate under night vision systems and their mounts without causing optical interference and keeps lens fogging at bay. The ambidextrous Regulator slides open from either side to allow airflow across the lens which keeps the lenses clear from fog.

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