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T GHK DDG TTI G34 Combat Master Steel Slide GBB
Model: GHK-TTI-G34
  • $515.00

GHK DDG TTI g34 Combat Master Steel Slide GBB 


- Using the original UMAREX/GHK GLOCK17 GEN3 GBB as the base with the EMG/TTI official factory authorized kit, and then customized and modified by DCG Airsoft.

Every detail has been carefully designed and strictly controlled to create high-quality performance and appearance.

feature of product: -Steel CNC slide combined with QPQ surface treatment, using the most precise processing technology, imitating the surface polishing treatment of the outer layer of the real gun, and authentically restoring the details of the real product.


-Steel CNC barrel, the surface is treated with titanium plating, which makes the texture, quality and durability to a higher level.

-TTI style front and rear aiming, which effectively improves the efficiency of aiming map establishment, and is still accurate and efficient in high-pressure environments.

-TTI style mag base pad and plate provides a larger upper magazine lead angle, and the bottom plate can significantly increase grip performance.

-DCG professional custom-made hand-burned gun receiver, which is hand-made by professionals, the texture and performance far exceed ordinary mold-making products.

- Magazine is the same as GHK GLOCK Gas / CO2 magazine.  ※ To use CO2 magazine, the users need to replace to Ultimate kit set first to avoid unnecessary damage.

Made in Taiwan


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